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Unbox Joy Every Month!

    There is nothing like receiving a package that is delivered to your door, especially when it is filled with surprises that will enrich your life!

Our SACI Culture Subscription box provides every woman, regardless of age or status, with a month long experience to help you navigate your next life journey.


Whether you are a new college graduate, or a retiree, we are committed to providing you with beneficial items to help you reach YOUR goals for the next level of YOUR life!


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So, What's in the Box, Sis?

The box contains 6-8 uniquely curated items that coordinate with a theme designed to help you along your journey. The box is infused with fun and fabulous items, that focus on your

Wellness, Wisdom, and Wealth.

Some SACI items included in the box

  • Monthly Inspirational Tee-Shirt

  • Monthly Productivity Journal

  •  Items to help you relax, relate, and release

    • Bath and beauty products​

    • Accessories

    • Fun themed items

  • Items to help you grow in knowledge

    • Books by award-winning authors​

    • Training opportunities

    • Sisterhood Events and Circles

  • Items to help build your wealth

    • Business knowledge and opportunities​

    • Networking

    • Advice and information from business leaders

Everything you need to become 

Sucessful and SACI 

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