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Black Women Empowering Black Women Globally

SACI Culture

Alone, we have power!Together, we are a force!

We are committed to the growth and development of black women through social, economic and financial empowerment.

An Overview


Since the beginning of time immemorial, black women have been characterized by their strength and uniqueness, as well as for possessing a distinct ability to persevere and thrive, even in the face of the most heinous adversities. Although there have been many wins on the road to equality, our work is not close to being finished. Even today black women continue to struggle with adversity, but we continue to defy the odds. SACI Culture is committed to stay on the battlefield of the fight for equality until it is achieved.

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Membership Benefits

Networking Platforms & Events

We will create a network of black women that can connect, partner and influence each other from around the world.

Skill Acquisition Programs

We will partner with firms, individuals and international bodies to host skill acquisition programs and trainings for women in different sectors. These trainings will happen in batches every year.

Sistar CEOs

At SACI Culture, our philosophy is that all women have STAR potential. We aim to harness that STAR-power to help women free themselves from financial bondage with our BUSINESS INCUBATOR program. We will offer funding and partnerships to help women who have completed our 6-week training course in conjunction with Design Your Dynasty University. These partnerships will allow women to run and maintain viable businesses in their communities. Through our mentorship programs, we aim to assist women change the trajectory of their future.


The SACI Marketplace — A shopping experience especially designed to celebrate the successes of black women by showcasing their products on our site. This exposure will allow them to access a wider market to increase sales, investors and partners in a global marketplace.

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Our Proposition

At SACI Culture, it is our mission to help women of color realize that the life they want is possible. We serve as the guide through the process of discovery. We aspire to inspire women of color to connect with the creator within them by helping them self-reflect, assess, and harness the limitless possibilities they possess.

80% of all donations will help to empower a black woman.

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