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About SACI Culture

Founded by two best friends, SACI Culture is an initiative born out of a need to help black women around the world live their best lives by tapping into the greatness within them and maximizing their potentials. It was designed to be the catalyst that these black women need to go from wherever point they are to wherever they want to be.
SACI Culture Africa is set to take women empowerment to a whole new level with the biggest launch and empowerment event set to hold in Nigeria this September.

Discover why we focus on Africa, especially Nigeria.

Our Target Audience

The Disadvantaged

This comprises of the following:

  • The widowed woman.
  • The financially dependent divorced woman.
  • The woman in an abusive marriage who struggles to leave because her abuser is her provider.
  • The uneducated woman.

The Creative

A young graduate, full of ideas, creative, sassy and fun. She has a million and one ideas on how to change the world but all she has are her dreams and a Smartphone.

The Struggling Entrepreneur

She has a business that she struggles to keep afloat because inflation is catching up with her finances. She must find more innovative ways to connect with people and make more money.

The Stay-At-Home Mum

Saddled with responsibilities of motherhood and being a supportive wife, she is looking for easy and convenient way to make money while at home.

The Young & Restless

Late teens/early 20s. Young, energetic, vivacious and inquisitive. She wants to reach her highest potential and enjoy the finest things of life but doesn’t know how. She is also always on the internet looking for easy ways to make money to look the part. She is also gullible and inexperienced.

Our Key Trends

Colorful Lifestyle

With trendy lifestyles and increasing adoption of Western culture among the growing young women population in Africa, coupled increased cost of living, women are becoming increasingly bolder in desiring and demanding better living conditions.

Increased Competition

Women are stepping into bigger shoes as they see others do same. The competition has inspired many young women to aspire life and this has also given birth to vices in quest for the good life but we’re set to change that narrative. We’re showing them the legitimate way to do it BIG.

The Organic Change

The world itself has changed and is still changing in its approach to black women and their success. We want to take advantage of this change by empowering and equipping more young black women to take centre stage and do great things in the world.

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