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What is SACI Culture?

Founded by life-long friends, SACI Culture is an initiative born out of a need to help black women around the world live their best lives, by tapping into their greatness within, and maximizing their potential. SACI Culture was designed to be the catalyst that black women need to excel along their life journey.

Discover why we focus on Africa, especially Nigeria.

Meet Our Team

Adrienne Rose
Director of Business Development

Aretha Jones
Director of Operations

Jasmine Bartlett
Social Media Manager
Customer Relations

Peace Fohme Monday
Business Coordinator
SACI Africa

Our Target Audience

The Purposeful

This is the woman who has and continues to thrive against all odds. These women are determined to achieve their purpose despite the obstacles they have endured. There is no stopping her from reaching her purpose in life!

  • The widowed woman
  • The married woman looking for her next level life
  • The divorced woman
  • The woman in an abusive marriage 
  • The uneducated woman

The Creative

A young graduate, full of ideas, the aspiring artist, and the creator within, who are both sassy and fun. She constantly focuses on how to change the world, but all she has are her dreams and a Smartphone.

The Struggling Entrepreneur

She has a business that she struggles to keep afloat because of inflation and other factors. Trying to maintain the business she loves is catching up with her finances. She must find more innovative ways to connect with people and make more money, or risk losing all she has created.

The Mom

Saddled with responsibilities of motherhood and career, or being a super single mom, or a supportive wife, she is looking for convenient ways to make money to help support her family.

The Young & Restless

Late teens/early 20s. Young, energetic, vivacious and inquisitive. She wants to reach her highest potential and enjoy the finest things of life but is not quite sure how to do it. She is relentlessly on the internet looking for easy ways to make money.

Our Key Trends

Living Outloud

Trendy lifestyles, coupled with the increased cost of living globally, women are becoming increasingly bolder in desiring and demanding better living conditions.

From Surviving to Thriving

Women are increasingly breaking through barriers in the workforce. But as more are striving, many are searching for alternatives to their current lifestyles. Seeking an empowered life has inspired many women to quest for liberation to change the previous narrative.

The Organic Change

The world itself has changed and is still changing in its acceptance of black women and their success. We want to take advantage of this change by empowering and equipping more black women to take center stage and do great things in the world.

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