Our Story

We are grandmothers, mothers, daughters, nurses, educators, entrepreneurs, truck drivers and business professionals.  We are a collage of multi-generational women of color whose core purpose has always been to empower other women of color. As women of color continue to face obstacles and oppression, we must answer the call to help eradicate those obstacles through education and mentoring. We view these tenets to be essential to our collective survival, so we came together, using all of our worldly experience, creativity and wisdom for the greater good. Thus, SACI Culture emerged! We are Sophisticated Amazing Women with Courage that Inspire. Our mission is to provide the tools, knowledge and motivation to empower as many women of color as possible, to reach their maximum potential, and  their next level life (whatever it may be) including

Self Care, Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Financial Freedom or simply a Peace of Mind. If women of color win...our families win....our communities win....our Culture Wins!  SACI Culture is here to help this goal become a reality. 

Join the Movement....SUPPORT THE CULTURE!