Courage is Key to Success

When you think of courage, you probably think of fierce warriors or men dressed in battle uniform. Perhaps you envision a woman battling disease or someone fighting a good fight on behalf of another.

Yeah, sometimes, but not always..

Maya Angelou once stated t.hat the most important virtue is courage. It is true. Anybody can persevere when things are easy and going your way, but it takes real courage to persevere through the times that are difficult. The times when no one believes in you; when the money is funny and your relationships falter, it is courage that pulls you through.

The truth is courage comes in many different shapes and forms. Sometimes courage is getting knocked down, but getting back up each and every time. Courage is the willingness to try again.

Courage in Failing

If you have always wanted to try something or have had a lifelong dream you now wish to follow, you have to start somewhere. That somewhere is a place called courage. If you do not try, then you are guaranteed to fail. However, if you do try, then know that there is a possibility that you may very well succeed. You have to change your view. Courage is taking a step and willing to not succeed, but trying again anyhow. If you fail the first time, it is not an ending, it is just the beginning and a learning tool of what not to do in the future. Success may not show up the way you planned, but it will show up sooner or later.

Remember that

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